eZee Technosys

eZee Technosys
Business Name: eZee Technosys
Company Overview:

eZee Technosys was established with a simple belief “software you choose should follow your business processes instead of your business processes that follow the software you select.”

Established in 2005 in India, eZee began with a clear focus with regard to the creation of the most advanced solutions for the hospitality industry.
Within a few years, we grew from a small office in the city of Surat to become the leading solution provider of hospitality industry. Our success is reflected through our 6000+ clients in more than 140 countries. We currently have strong global network of more than 80 business partners around the world.

Consumers have become a source of energy for eZee; Our team is comprised of individuals capable of above average and have a passion for supporting the company’s growth. We are very proud of our team which is the perfect mix of a wide range of expertise. While most experts in the information technology industry strengthens our technical team, our marketing strength to the role of thinkers in marketing and support our team.

Our desire to create the most advanced technology and long research has helped us to develop more products and solutions – innovative solutions to the world of hospitality. These include POS software, Channel Management Software, Web – based reservation engines, and Web-based ordering software. The solution developed by eZee is the result of intensive research and long on demand – consumer demand as well as demand from the hospitality industry which is growing very rapidly.

Focus totally on vision – our vision is achieved through a team of mentors where the team is comprised of veterans from the hospitality industry.

Business Website Address: http://www.ezeetechnosys.co.za