Tata Motors has introduced a comprehensive project on ‘Corporate Branding’ with the support of an external agency, to enhance brand awareness in the domestic and global markets. This strategy is in sync with the company’s brand proposition of providing unique forms of self-expression, where every element of the vehicle represents an aspect of consumer’s individuality.

The team at Tata Motors undertook a thorough analysis of the existing and the desired future state of the company, gathered a lot of market intelligence and captured the much-required organisational voice, to establish a common theme underlying within the company’s existence. A detailed review of the recommendations put up to the Tata Motors Executive Committee led to the conclusion and the careful selection of the Brand promise – ‘Connecting Aspirations’. It represents the personality of the brand as an interconnected system of mobility solutions.

Easy to communicate and creating a strong resonance with every stakeholder. It is much larger and wider in terms of intent and interpretation – directed towards building the nation, developing smart cities, supporting and implementing government initiatives and delivering new technologies. Representing the company’s commitment to take personalisation to the next level, ‘Connecting Aspirations’ defines Tata Motors as a brand that intuitively understands people and imagines mobility in all its forms.

Tata Motors Announces New Corporate Brand Identity